In a rapid changing environment of business systems & regulations, it is never easy to keep pace with the fast growing world and it is not enough to just keep running your business, rather achievement of goals and reaching up to the desired results is the ultimate aim of any business. We at Nest FS along with our versatile team provide you the desired business solutions for your organization. We help organization work smarter and grow faster.

Running the business is as important as to keep its books neat and clear. At Nest FS be assured for in time preparation of your financial statements according to the prevalent laws and regulations and timely submission of the required data to the regulatory authority in the applicable forms and formats.

Finance is the back-bone of any business organization. Without the proper availability of finance, it would be difficult for any organization to grow to its maximum potential. We at Nest FS cares for your growth and provides you the best advisory on budgeting & finance.

Everyone likes to grow his portfolio to match with the rising inflation and beat the market returns. Our versatile team helps you giving apt and timely investment advisory.



Being a regulatory requirement it is necessary for an organization to carry out the Audit & Assurance, but above that it is in public interest to apprise them about the strength and future prospect of an organization considering its financial health.

At Nest FS we carry out the necessitated Audit & Assurance work according to the prevalent laws and regulations.



It is said that whoever does a work can’t find out the flaws in his own work. It is natural tendency. To have an independent eye to watch out for your progressing work we are here to help you by providing the valuable suggestion to improvise your business tactics.

Sometimes thinking from the scratch results in astonishing ideas & concepts. Thinking with the same business operation flow may sometime halt the growth of the business. With business process re-engineering an organization can have new wings to fly in the sky.

Every business have profit goals. Profit have two sides as like of a coin, one growing sales and other cost cutting. So saving in your cost is as important as growing the sales numbers. We at Nest FS after conducting cost audit of an organization gives out the valuable suggestions at where saving in cost is possible.

Before starting a venture with your hard earned money it is essential to evaluate the pros and cons of the project from each and every angle in a minute way. We at Nest FS after researching for your business project advise you regarding the risk criteria’s and advantages to the current market scenario.



Tax is the fuel which runs an economy and it is essential for any economy to keep on making continuous changes in the tax structures according to the various factors affecting the growing or shrinking businesses. Our proficient team keeps pace with the constant changes in the tax laws & structures and advices the client which can be helpful to take in time appropriate decisions which ultimately results in the wellbeing of the business.

Industries to providing services

Our industry-focused team is designed to support you and address your business needs.

Our industry expert can take care of your accounting and industry-specific compliance and reporting requirement.

We streamline accounting, finance, and tax compliance across industries. Key industries we support are:


Real Estate


Oil Gas

Financial Sector

Agri Sector





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